Grow your own food campaign in schools: 364 Green Commandos are ready to teach students how to grow own food with ecological farming practices. I started this with my friend Mahan Borah in 2009 at five schools of Assam, then reached more schools through Farm2Food Foundation and now I have 364 Green Commandos to help schools to develop their food forest voluntarily. Contact us to call our Green Commandos to help you establish School Food Forest.As Green Commandos the first pledge we take is to transfer our farming knowledge to children and through them reach the communities.

We welcome the decision of kitchen gardens in all schools by Govt of India. But we must be sure that we don’t teach kids inputs based farming or funded projects based gardens. They must learn to grow with local resources and environment friendly farming. Green Commandos will teach you to conserve local food wisdom, create food forest and attract students to agripreneurship and grow a sacred economy. Contact Green Commander Mohe Phangcho at 9862633271 to call a Green Commando to your school. Green Commandos are volunteers and Social Agripreneurs.

Food campaign in schools
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